Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Behind the Masks

Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. John 8:32 There is a list of words that I hope never to hear again, ever. Prominently on that list is mask. Wear the mask, don’t wear the mask, I hate the mask, the mask is necessary and on and on. Enough! In the last few weeks more and more places in our community are making the, well you know, mandatory. That has sparked more conversations, more use of the word. The other day as I was praying for complete transparency with God I had to give a little laugh. Masks. As we walk through the world we make adjustments. I wouldn’t say that at work, wear that to school, talk to my parents that way or let my children hear me use that term. We carry ourselves differently depending on our level of comfort in our circumstances or with the people involved. We protect our hearts. We hide. How do we do this? Masks! These may not be the over the mouth and nose kind of masks but they do the same thing. Our mental and emotional coverings (see that avoidance tactic?) help us hide. They protect us from hurt, embarrassment and judgment or at least we like to think that they do. That plan make work out well with our people but it won’t work with God. Consider this. I’m going to see my friend today. She’s not a Christian so I won’t wear my Cross pendant or my Jesus t-shirt. She’s a little biased when it comes to race so I won’t mention how much I love my new neighbors who have a different skin tone. She’s in charge of the committee I want to be on so I have to be super nice. What is that? Or how about this one…. If the people in that room knew who I really am and how I really feel they wouldn’t like me. They would probably laugh me out of the room. So, I’ll paste on my smile, say as little as possible and hope for acceptance. And worst of all… If God knew what I was thinking, if He knew how I feel and the things I like to do and think, that would be bad. I’ll just say the right prayers, give the right amount of money, be nice to that person I really don’t like. That will show God that I’m okay. I honestly don’t know what the cloth/paper/heavy duty face protectors are doing for the current situation. I have no medical expertise at all. I do know that those other covers, the ones we all wear without protesting and often without even realizing it, those things are deadly. Far from protecting us or enhancing our quality of life, they keep us from being transparent, honest or at times, approachable. Take off those disguises. Live transparently with your eyes fixed on our Savior and Lord. Be real with Him and the people He shares with you. Who knows? You might feel much better.

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