Monday, February 23, 2015

Safe and Secure


He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and
my fortress
my God in whom I trust.” Psalm 91:1-2

Security. What just came to your mind when you read that word? Was there a name, a face, the idea of a job, a place or maybe a dollar amount that came to mind? Whatever we think of when we hear the word, no matter how varied our responses may be, one thing is certain, we all want it.

          This year for Christmas my husband gave me a book by an author I really like. The book is called, “Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good.” It’s a great book. I really enjoyed. Before I ever read one page, however, I thought, with a sense of deep awe and gratitude, that’s where I live! My husband is as good to me as I can imagine that any man can be to any woman. He’s not perfect but he is kind, silly, hardworking, stubborn, caring, lovely and over all of that, he is incredibly loyal and steadfast. Does he love me? Yes. Does he forget to show that now and then? Yes but I never, ever have to doubt it because the bulk of my life is evidence of his love.

          As I read the book, I thought more and more about how that title suited my marriage, my life and I became increasingly grateful. In recent weeks my poor husband has had to nurse me through not one but two bouts of flu. He did it without complaint or any hint of an expected pay back. Not for one minute did I wonder how I would get what I needed or get things done. Things were just given to me. Things just got done. That is the way my husband loves me. It’s wonderful!

          How does Otto know what to do to be a good caring husband? He follows the example of our Father. On occasion Otto has disappointed me or let me down. I am somewhere safe with somebody good but there have been moments when that “somebody” has been standing on my very last nerve or worse has forgotten or neglected something that I saw as important. He’s human. I know I’ve done the same things to him.

          God will never disappoint or neglect us. God is our ultimate Somebody Good. He is our safety net at the exact same time He is the reason we don’t need one. I can travel to places where Otto’s protection can’t reach but I cannot travel anywhere that God can’t see me, reach me and rescue me. (Psalm 139:5-12)

          God is love, perfect, protective, providing, love.  My life before I married Otto was anything but secure. My childhood was iffy and my first marriage was a minefield of events ranging from slightly insecure to downright terrifying. In giving me Otto, my Abba has given me a glimpse of how He loves me, loves all of us. In my Father’s arms, in the loving hands of my Abba I am always, truly safe because He is always, truly good.